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About Aqua Duks  

In a world of opportunities to enjoy the water, it would be wonderful to see every child develop his full swimming potential. Our goal is to ensure that your child not only learns to swim but also enjoys the process. Our ongoing programs, enabling the water-safe baby to become the swimming child, can easily achieve this. The emphasis is on learning to swim, but we encourage our instructors to make it a fun experience. We encourage parent participation in our learn-to-swim programs to ensure that the parent has sufficient skills to continue the progress at home. We offer our clients an uncompromising commitment to customer service, and from our employees a high standard of professionalism. In order to protect our image it is our goal to devout ourselves to provide a high standard of customer satisfaction. So give your child a wonderful advantage and join the Aqua Duks team for a lifelong memory.

Our instructors are carefully chosen for their ability to relate with children. Many children have a fear of the water, so it is important for the instructor to help the child overcome this fear by introducing skills slowly and in a language the child understands. Instructors are hired for their knowledge of swimming skills, but this is not entirely necessary because each is required to train for 20 hours in the methods of the Swim School.

At Aqua Duks we employ part-time instructors, which allows time for other interests and keep from burning out.
Children have boundless energy and instructors require a strong commitment to teaching in order to keep the learning fun but disciplined.

Quality Of Instruction
At Aqua Duks we are proud of our ability to provide quality instruction. Our Anaheim Hills facility has been in constant operation for 21 years and over that time we have taught more than 40,000 students. We offer instruction for all ages from 6 months to adults in our heated indoor pool, and Aqua Duks is a recognized leader in the industry. Two of our instructors have been recognized by the National Swim School Association as Instructors of the Year. Our owner Judy Reynolds, has been praised for her innovative coaching style. Many of our young students have progressed onto local swim teams and into High School and Universities where they are competing happily. Imagine your child enjoying a healthy and safe swimming career.


Quick Facts
The school is open year round.
Indoor Pool, heated to 92° F.
Underwater Photos
Caps, kickboards, goggles, etc. available
We encourage parent participation in our infant and toddler group classes.

Operating Hours
Monday - Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday -Saturday 9am - 2pm

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