My child cry’s during lessons, should I stop?

Crying is normal during swim lessons for a variety of reasons. The most common causes of crying during or before lessons is separation anxiety and fear of the unknown.

·        Separation Anxiety – Separation anxiety is a perfectly normal phase of child development and is caused by an attachment that a child developes to mom and/or dad. When child is in the care of someone other than mom or dad they may experience anxiety resulting in worry, crying, or even tantrums. This reaction to working with a new swim instructor usually only last a few weeks while a trusting relationship and routine of the lesson are being developed. We recommend parents show their child they have nothing to fear by either watching the lessons from a distance or from our viewing area. This allows the students to focus on and receive comfort from the instructor rather than mom or dad who are standing poolside. After a few lessons this anxiety dissipates and the child’s confidence and independence grows as a result. Working through separation anxiety rather than stopping lessons while aid in future situations where they may experience similar anxiety, like when they start preschool or kindergarten, stay with a babysitter, start team sports, ect.

·        Fear of the Unknown – It is a normal human instinct to fear what we do not know or understand, through communication and gaining knowledge we alleviate these fears. New students who have not yet developed the communication skills to talk their way through this anxiety will often communicate their fear by crying. Our instructor are trained to work with our students to help them gain understanding and knowledge resulting in the alleviation of this fear. The result is increased confidence and a life lesson that will stay with them. Learning that with consistency and determination they can overcome situations that may seem scary or even impossible at first

FAQDavin Elliott