When should my child start taking swim lessons?

There is no bad time to start taking swim lessons, however it is recommended to start as early as possible. We start our swimmers as young as 3 months old and find that our most successful students start at or around this age.

Why? For infants, the water is a familiar and comforting environment and we are born with natural reflexes and skills that enable us to deal with being in water. Starting swim lessons early in life helps to strengthen these reflexes and prevents the water from becoming an unfamiliar environment. With the frequent exposure to water and quality instruction, infants learn to swim the same way they learn to crawl and walk without experiencing the anxiety that often accompanies learning to swim at an older age.

In addition to ease of learning, infant swimming provides many other benefits that will stay with the students for a lifetime, these benefits include but are not limited to, increased safety in and around water, accelerated cognitive development, increased confidence, and  accelerated physical development.

FAQDavin Elliott